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Soluction examples:


The installation of new turbines for a Hydroelectric Dam were behind schedule and over budget. The analysis revealed that many factors contributed to this situation, to include, a deficient supply chain, poor material management, recurrent quality problems and low worker productivity. 

In order to alleviate these problems, a complete review of the Project Management Tools was required. Of primary importance was the prioritizing of the deficiencies noted. Secondly, with the members of the management, to define the best practices required for turbine installation. And lastly, ensure the synchronization of the skills, equipment and materials required. The ultimate goal being the optimization of the assembly cycle. In order to do this, teams were created, detailed schedules and plans were created, progress reviewed at the point of execution on a short interval basis. Dash Boards were designed to track progress. Progress report was created for Top Management Review. A new project management system permitting total visibility was designed and installed. Members of Management and staff were trained on its use. 

Results Productivity increase of 35% 

Reduction of Assembly Cycle from 180 to 110 days

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