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Soluction examples:

Food Processing

Faced with a substantial increase in demand, quality level were deteriorating and customer service levels were dropping. Managers were spending their time ‘fighting fires” instead of managing the operation efficiently.   

Quick actions were needed urgently: As the result of the llC Analysis, a list of operational deficiencies were identified and their impact quantified. Once the results of the Analysis were presented to Top Management a decision was taken to engage in an IIC Project. Together with the Management Staff a prioritized list of actions to be taken was developed. A project plan and schedule was developed and “short interval controls” were installed to prevent/identify variances to plan. The shop-floor was re-organised, material management and internal logistics issues were identified, and action plans created. Crewing guides were developed to ensure availability of skilled operators during peak production periods. A master-schedule of activities and tasks developed. With training and on-the-floor coaching, the new management system was installed and compliance monitored. The result of the above can be found below. 

Food Processing case

Results Customer service from 70 to 98% 

Material losses reduced in 29% 

Output increase in 27%

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