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Soluction examples:

Heavy Industry

A drastic change in the top management of the company called for a new way of doing business. Rethink the strategies, make the plant profitable and ensure transparency. Not only were these goals needed quickly, but more importantly, they had to be accepted at all levels of the organisation. 

A comprehensive analysis of the operation was carried out to identify deficiencies and their root causes. Subsequently a detailed road map/project plan was created with the stakeholders to resolve the identified deficiencies. During the project, the organisation of the plant was optimized, roles and responsibilities precisely defined, meticulous waste/material management implemented, and an operational management system requiring forecasting/planning/follow-up/reporting was developed and installed. Top and Middle Management were trained in the use of the new system and positive operational and financial results were obtained. 

Results 23% productivity increase 

25% reduction in material consumption

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