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Soluction examples:



A waste collection and management company servicing a city of with a population of over 6.0 Mio. required a rapid and sustainable improvement of their collection fleet due to the market changing market situation and increased competition.


All routing and monitoring systems the collection and disposal process needed to be reviewed and redesigned in order to increase the capacity of the , over 200 truck fleet and improver the service provided to the population.

Their monitoring system had to be updated and brought to the point of execution and an Operational Control Centre (OCC) was established producing online and on time information that permitted the monitoring of the collection process and in order to identify and correct operational problems and unexpected situations on time to minimize the impact on the operational efficiency and improve the service levels.

Over 700 routes where redesigned and updated and more than 400 drivers were trained on the new procedures and their leadership roles.

Of course, none of this would have mattered if quality management didn't follow. Tight custom-made systems permitted proficient process control and timely analysis. This added to a thorough program of training and coaching on the floor lead to a sustainable change and results.


9% Improved Capacity Utilization. 

Reduction of 12% in km driven. 

40% less overtime.

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