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Soluction examples:


After a new development in the industry, customers required a quick production ramp up to cope with the avalanche of demand that was going to be generated. Volume increase was immediately needed, but at the right cost, with a minimum of Capital Expenditures, and while maintaining employee morale. 

Material flows and internal logistics needed to be reviewed and streamlined, taking in consideration future machine arrivals and cell configuration. One detailed ramp up plan needed to be defined, tackling the critical bottleneck areas. A system of priorities, smooth shift changeover and efficient production meetings was set up to increase the reaction time and allow swift problem solving. Of course, none of this would have mattered if quality management didn't follow. Tight custom-made systems permitted proficient process control and timely analysis. This, added to a thorough program of training and coaching on the floor lead to a change that will endure for years. 

Results 21% volume increase 

On time delivery increase from 70% to 100%

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