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Soluction examples:



Decreasing margins and financial performance threatened  this , over 1,000 beds Hospital  , iths independence within their system but they   also faced other issues:

  • Increased competition for patients

  • Inadequate reimbursement from insurers

  • Increases in liability insurance and radical changes to Medicare rules


Customer Relationship Management” plans were created for each referring facility.

Scorecards, data and performance indicators were established for each focus area.

Algorithms were developed to determine nurse:patient ratios based on census and acuity, improving forecasts, plans & staff scheduling.

A “Dream Schedule” concept was developed for the nursing staff that, delighted the workforce, was more predictable & consistent, identified shortages, & decreased costs.

“Short Interval Controls” were implemented and follow-up routines established to increase patient safety and highlight and resolve issues immediately.

Through training, coaching and role & responsibility redefinition, managers and staff behaviors were changed to be more pro-active in resolving issues and clearly focused on the patients.

Supply Chain processes were streamlined, eliminating cost in purchasing and inventory holding.

Improved & more effective patient interaction resulted in improved patient satisfaction scores and fewer cancellations.


Inpatient census              + 15%
Outpatient census           + 20%
Outpatient cancels           -  55%
Inventory turns                + 60%
Productivity increase       + 23%
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