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Our Methodology

Analysis and project design

Specifics areas of opportunities (Problem)

Identification of root causes


Improvement potential


Applicable solutions

(Best solutions)

Approach and schedule


Implementation of solutions and initiatives

Involve all levels in specifics solutions development for operational problems

Define specifics and objectives to be attained

Develop technical and tactical implementation steps fot the Best Solutions

Review, communicate and implement the Best Solutions 

Initiate transfer of Know-How
Systematically measure of implemented actions and solution

Pos-implementation follow up

Sustainability of improvements and results

Transfer of additional Know-How
Additional Improvement opportunities

Hand over and transition

Our programme has been conceived to attain quantifiable results on an enduring system at our client's facilities. This has been developed in order: 

• impact the P&L account through productivity and quality improvements
• increase competitive advantage, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty change organizational culture, improving motivation and efficiency 
assure the ownership of the new systems by our client's organization
• install a continuous change management and process improvement system

We deliver qualified productivity improvements by always consulting our three core disciplines:   

• Process improvement 
• People solutions (behavioural training and coaching) 
• Project management

A thorough Analysis will identify opportunities and improvement potentials. A final report will include a detailed improvement plan to be implemented by our specialists afterwards.   

During the Implementation, our expert consultants will focus on:   

• On the floor coaching 
• Set up action plans systems 
• Management systems 
• Management training 
• Process reengineering 
• Change management   

The Follow Up will permit achieving sustained results, additional improvements and continuity. The evaluation of results and the adoption of improvement measures guarantee the consolidation of the achieved improvements in the long term.  

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